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It's All in the Details

How an 1840 Colonial farmhouse was restored to accommodate a 21st century lifestyle with respect to its architectural heritage.


Scott Prinz was hopeful about his new computer chip business, but not so hopeful that he felt comfortable offering a million dollars for a farmhouse in Rye. New Hampshire, regardless of how beautifully it had been restored, how inviting his wife Staci found the fields of apple orchards, the manicured lawns, the kidney-shaped swimming pool. Yet on that snowy Saturday in March, Scott found himself wandering the old Rand farm with its owner, again noting the hand-planed paneling, the custom windows with antique glass, the wide pine floors stained a rich pumpkin. So much craftsmanship. So much attention to specifics. He made an offer.

It's All in the Details (1.65 MB)

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