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Can Heavy be Healthy?

At first, Sandy Schaffer couldn't commit.


She just couldn't buy sneakers during those first months of working out at In Fitness and In Health, her new gym.


At 380 pounds, she figured, why bother?


Why invest in proper footwear, since this attempt at regular exercise would probably meet the same death as all her other attempts. So she stretched and stepped and danced in sandals.


But something funny happened. She realized that she liked the aerobics and yoga and jazzercise. In fact she loved them.


Before she knew it, she was working out for two hours straight three times a week. In this tiny gym in New York City's Murray Hill, one of the few fitness studios in the country dedicated to "Plus-Size Exercise," she didn't feel intimidated by sleek skinnies in lycra. Surrounded by rows of other large women...